Check-Out Reports

The lack of a proper Check-Out Report (or the presence of a Check-Out Report that has not been based upon a proper Inventory Report) can cause huge problems at the end of a Tenancy. Either of these situations is likely to result in little or no chance of a Landlord winning a dispute should a Tenant not leave a property in a fair state of condition or cleanliness.

Many people think of a Check-Out Report as being a list of damages or missing items. A proper Check-Out Report is much more than this; we specialise in traditional and highly detailed Check-Out Reports, the creation of which involves an assessment of the relevant property which usually takes between 1.5 and 5 hours depending on property size and style. The assessment itself involves taking detailed notes by dictaphone, and the taking of photographs, with the assessment usually taking place the day after the Tenant has vacated the property.

The resulting Check-Out Report details all changes to a property (irrelevant of responsibility), when compared to the relevant Inventory Report. All these changes are categorised based upon various factors including length of tenancy. The report also details the exterior of the property, together with items such as instruction manuals, keys, meter readings, safety certificates and standard of cleaning. As an example a typical Check-Out Report for a 2 bedroom unfurnished property is around 16 pages long. The Check-Out Report is typed and collated at our office in Whiteparish and is usually provided by email, as a Word or PDF document, within 36 hours of the property assessment.

If a dispute goes to the relevant Deposit Protection Scheme a detailed and clear Check-Out Report (and Inventory Report) is essential.

Check-Out Report prices start at £ 70.00

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